Windows Virtual Desktop

The world has changed dramatically in the past few months.

Companies of all sizes have had to find a way to support their people and help them stay connected from new locations and devices. Instead of fighting for productivity, embrace a different way of working with Windows Virtual Desktop.

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Quick and Scalable

Quick remote access to all your important applications on Azure from any device, highly scalable and always up to date.

Enabling Multiple Users

Multi user Windows 10 combines the scalability of Windows Server with the user experience of Windows 10. This saves on cost and keeps everyone happy.

Simplified Management

Rapid tech rollout and simplified administration from a single management platform built directly into the Azure Portal.

Enhanced Security

Security is built into the Windows Virtual Desktop service as standard meaning there is no need for additional products or expense.

Reimagine your workday virtually

We have supported our accounting customers across Australia and New Zealand for a number of years using the cloud-based virtual workplace to minimise business downtime, reduce IT costs, and give their people the flexibility to work anywhere, anytime. Today we simply apply our expertise to help you embrace the human side of your business.

Case studies

"Within half an hour after virtual desktop was installed everyone was working and we didn't have an issues after that."

Ainsley Coggins, Director at Accru Harris Orchard

Reimagine your workday virtually